The Benefits of a Remanufactured Caterpillar ECM



You're tired of using fluids to get your engine started and are now ready to buy a caterpillar ECM.

Like most first-time buyers, however, you don't know much about ECM and whether you should invest in a new, second hand, or remanufactured EMC. You want an ECM that will not only meet your engine's needs but also withstand harsh road conditions and torturous heat.

Which option is the best? The answer is simple: go for a remanufactured ECM. Here is why.

1. They're the Most Affordable ECMs

A brand new ECM can be very expensive and may ruin your already shrinking budget.

Remanufactured ECMs cost 20-40% less than new units. If you invest in a reman caterpillar ECU, therefore, you'll be able to fix your engine problems without spending much.

Secondhand ECMs cost less than remanufactured ones, but you should avoid them. Why?

Well, second-hand units break easily, and this means you'll still be forced to spend more money replacing them. Besides, some second hand ECMs come with programming issues that make it hard for you to program or make upgrades in future.

2. Remanufactured Caterpillar ECMs Are Always Available

A brand new ECM that matches your needs can be hard to find, especially if your engine is old.

Reman ECMs are readily available, which means you'll be able to get your truck back on the road or equipment back to work as soon as possible.

The over-the-counter availability of reman ECMs also gives you an opportunity to continue working with old engines that are no longer on the market.

3. Reman ECMs Are Not Used Parts

Some people believe that remanufactured ECMs are used or reconditioned engine units.

That's not true.

There is a considerable difference between reconditioned ECUs and reman ECUs. Reconditioned ECMs are never dismantled; they're only cleaned, inspected, repaired, and then sold.

Reman ECMs are made by highly skilled artisans who tear old ECMs down into individual components and examine each of them to determine if it can be salvaged.

This process results in a new ECM. It is worth noting that most of its components had a previous life.

4. Quality Is Guaranteed

The remanufacturing process is similar to that of the original unit.

There are technical specifications and testing standards that must be followed when remanufacturing an ECM. This ensures the creation of a high-quality unit. Besides, the remanufacturers have more consistent products at the end of the procedure.

If you buy a remanufactured product, therefore, you can be assured that it'll keep you on the road for long thanks to its quality and reliability.

5. It's the Future

The processes used to remanufacture ECMs may change, but reman ECMs will not go away.

Remanufacturing will only get bigger and better as technology advances; it's the future.

If you run a trucking company and want to create a future-ready business and beat your competition, start using reman ECMs today.

6. Environmentally Sound

The world is taking the issue of global warming seriously. Governments and NGOs are working day and night to fight this problem. You can also join the fight by buying reman caterpillar ECUs.

Reman ECMs reduce waste and minimize the need for raw material to produce new ECMs.

Also, thanks to their efficiency and quality, these ECMs help to reduce smoke and hazardous emissions, and this helps protect the ozone layer. They also help keep resources in circulation for multiple lifetimes.

As you can see, using a remanufactured ECM will help you keep the environment safe and clean.

7. More Efficiency

Since remanufacturers focus on treating the underlying cause of the problem, you're assured that your reman ECM will be more efficient than other types of ECMs.

Your unit will never fail due to the breakdown of internal components.

You'll also enjoy more horsepower, better acceleration, fuel economy, better grade climbs, and increased engine synchronization.

8. Remanufactured Parts Are Easy to Install, Troubleshoot, and Program

Since reman ECMs are made from ECMs that had a previous life, they are very adaptable, and this makes them easy to install. You don't need to waste time and money hiring someone to do the installation for you; you can do it yourself.

It's also easy to notice symptoms of a bad ECM. With minimal experience, you can quickly identify the problem early enough before it morphs into a severe problem, which could be difficult or too expensive to fix.

Also, unlike other types of ECMs, reman ECMs are easy to program and upgrade.

Tips for Buying Remanufactured Parts

Now that you know the benefits of reman ECMs, here is what you should keep in mind when buying a remanufactured ECM.


Make sure the ECM you choose will suit your vehicle's functionalities. Selecting an ECM that offers greater versatility is good. However, you should focus more on ECMs explicitly designed for your engine; such ECMs are cost-effective, easy to install, and program.

Consider Your Future Needs

Take into account the number of input and output points that come with the reman ECM you choose. Ensure there are additional input and output points. This will help make future modification easy, fast, and cheaper.

If you want to make changes to your vehicle in future, it's essential to invest in a programmable reman ECM.

Order from The Leading Remanufacturer

Who's the remanufacturer? Make sure the remanufacturer is reputable and has the experience needed to make quality reman ECM. Don't make snap decisions.

Final Thoughts

What your engine can do depends on the ECM you buy. You should, therefore, ensure you invest in the right caterpillar ECM.

Go for a reman ECMs. With this type of ECM, your engine will never stall, and you're unlikely to see the dreaded "check engine" light soon.

You should, however, be careful when buying remanufactured parts and ensure what you choose meets your needs. Most importantly, ensure it's made by a remanufacturer who has been in the game for long.

If you need guidance when buying a reman ECM or other parts, you can get in touch with us for assistance.

Posted On: 13/06/2018

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