• Mack CH 613 ECM

Mack CH 613 ECM

Part Number: 5B877CC6D

Price: $1,095.00
Core: $400.00
Rebuild: $895.00
Brand: Mack
Model: CH 613
Availability: In Stock

Re-manufactured V-MAC I Module (Replaces 12MS45M, M2, M3, M4, and M5). When replacing 12MS45M5X with 12MS45M4X, module must be reprogrammed.

Part Numbers:

  • 12MS45M1
  • 12MS45M2
  • 12MS45M3
  • 12MS45M4
  • 12MS45M5
  • 12MS45M4X
  • 12MS45M5X

Exchange - Lifetime Warranty

Rebuild Service - 1-Year Warranty

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