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ECM Trouble? Here Are 5 Reasons Why Your Caterpillar ECM Is Failing You

​ With over 500 manufacturing and servicing locations in the world, Caterpillar Inc. is one of the most popular industrial product companies on the planet. Not only does this company make a number of industrial machines, but they are also known for small scale tools and engines as well. If you are the owner of a piece of Caterpillar equipment, your main concern should be keeping it functional. With all of the different parts on these pieces of heavy machinery, keeping up with them all ca...

Posted On: 26/03/2019

Recalibrating: Here's When and How To Calibrate a Cummins ECM

You have a high-powered computer in your phone. You have a high-powered computer running your ATM machine. Yet, most people forget that there is a computer running the engine in their vehicle. Like all of these other computers, the one in your car needs regular maintenance and software updates to keep it running at peak performance. So how do you keep your Cummins ECM in top-notch condition? Keep it properly calibrated! Check out this guide to learn more about calibrating your engin...

Posted On: 25/03/2019

Here's What You Need to Know About Cummins ECM Programming Software

  ​ In 2008 the ECM became front and center on the world stage thanks to Volkswagen hacking their own ECM software to provide false performance data. About 550,000 vehicles were affected by this attempt to get around emissions controls.  If you are looking to reprogram your Cummins ECM, we can help guide you. There are some pitfalls to look out for and some benefits to hiring a service to do the programming for you.  Keep reading for a complete guide to the soft...

Posted On: 13/02/2019

What Are the Symptoms of a Bad Caterpillar ECM?

  ​ Thanks to a booming economy the driver shortage is becoming more and more painful. Towards the end of 2018, the driver shortage reached almost 300,000.  What does this have to do with a failing ECM you ask? Well with supply already at an all-time low, the last thing you need is a truck out of commission with a bad ECM.  Look for these symptoms to know when your Caterpillar ECM is about to give out. That way you can be ready with a replacement.  The Engine...

Posted On: 10/02/2019

The Difference Between a Used, Rebuilt, and Remanufactured Cummins ECU

  ​ The ECU in today's vehicles has become so advanced that it can take up to 30% of the vehicles total cost. For some luxury vehicles, there are 48 different microcomputers all working together.  You may assume that your diesel truck isn't that complicated, but this isn't necessarily the case. If you need to replace your truck's ECU you can't just buy any old part. You need to find one that is of good quality to ensure your truck continues to run.   Before you ...

Posted On: 26/01/2019

How to Replace and Install the ECM of Your Diesel Engine

  ​ The ECU market in the United States totaled $7 billion in 2017. These days everything from passenger cars to commercial semi-trucks all have a computer on board controlling and monitoring performance.  But what happens when they fail? We all know computers are sensitive. Think about the care you give your laptop or iPad.  So how well do you think a computer handles being in your hot and dirty engine bay. You don't have to dread the day when your ECM fails.  ...

Posted On: 26/01/2019

9 Things You Need to Know About Your Caterpillar Engine Control Module (ECM)

The future of automobiles is more digital than mechanical. As electric cars like Tesla become more mainstream, technology blends over into all models of vehicles.   This can be seen in the increased sophistication of your vehicle's ECM unit. Your caterpillar engine depends on a computer to tell it how to run. This includes the intake, camshaft position, and exhaust.   Curious what else you can learn about your onboard computer? Well, keep reading for 9 facts about E...

Posted On: 05/12/2018

What is an ECM (Engine Control Model) & How Does it Work?

​ Could you imagine having to ask the US Copyright Office for permission to tinker and work on your car's ECM? That is exactly what the Electronic Frontier Foundation did on behalf of car owners and hobby mechanics.  The EFF maintains that the owners have the right to access the computer programs located within the ECM. This way they can repair, improve upon, and personalize the performance of their cars.  So what exactly is an ECM and what does all that computer progra...

Posted On: 05/12/2018

What You Should Know About Your Remanufactured Caterpillar ECU

​ So your mechanic has told you that the ECU in your truck has gone bad and we need to replace it. Now what do you do, how do you go about buying a new ECU? Well, good news, this is one of those times when buying brand new isn't the way to go. This means you are going to save money. Caterpillar has been a powerhouse in the manufacturing of construction equipment and diesel engines since 1986. This makes it very likely that you can easily find a remanufactured Caterpillar ECU. Want ...

Posted On: 05/11/2018

Brains vs Brawn: Understanding How Your Cummins ECM Works

  ​ If you're looking for an ECM for your truck, why not go with one of the best? Cummins incorporated in 1919 which has allowed them to be a leader in the engine and engine related products industry. One of the products that Cummins is well known for is the Cummins ECM. This small component is the brains of your engine. Not sure what an ECM is or how it works in your engine? We've got your back, keep reading to understand how the brain of your diesel engine works. How a Di...

Posted On: 05/11/2018

What Are the Benefits of a Cummins ECU?

The song says, "There's just something women like about a pickup man," but a truck's real attraction is under the hood. The sound of the engine, the power in motion--it all makes the difference between towing the "Barbie doll bed for the girl next door" or the tractor that you need at the next job site. So how do you use a Cummins ECU to get the most power from your truck's engine during all those dirty jobs? What Are the Benefits of a Cummins ECU? The ECU sensor, a microchip about the...

Posted On: 03/10/2018

What Does a Vehicle's ECU Do? Here's What You Need to Know

  The cars and trucks on the road today have become rolling computers. You can find 25 to 30 CPUs controlling different functions in your car. The ECU is the control center hub for these independent processing units. Everything from safety to performance optimization go through the ECU. A Caterpillar ECU is the computer commonly found in larger commercial trucks. This computer can react and adjust faster than any human ensuring top vehicle safety. What is a Ca...

Posted On: 05/08/2018

How to Repair an ECU: A Comprehensive Guide

  Your vehicle's engine is stalling and you don't know why. Where to start, could the ECU be the culprit? Sometimes the issue is easy, such as when 5,500 engines were recalled due to an ECU electrical short. Other times diagnosing the problem with your Cummins ECU is more difficult. The ECU is the common fall back part to vehicle problems when everything else works. If you are experiencing engine problems, work through our comprehensive guide. We will help you determi...

Posted On: 05/08/2018

8 Things You Need to Know About Your ECM

  It wasn't too long ago that cars were just pieces of machinery, albeit finely-tuned and engineered pieces of machinery. Today, cars are 3,000-pound rolling computers and the ECM market is still growing. We live in a high-tech world and ECMs are in every car manufactured but are still one of the most confusing elements of an automobile to grasp. We're going to walk you through eight things you need to know about one of the most popular engine control modules on the m...

Posted On: 05/08/2018

How to Troubleshoot a Caterpillar ECM Engine

Caterpillar ECM Repair: Troubleshooting Your Engine     Have a Caterpillar engine or ECM? Sometimes it doesn't start? Is your engine performance not quite prime? What about your fuel economy? Caterpillar enjoys a 90+ year reputation for strength and reliability. Although Caterpillar no longer manufactures engines for highway use, Caterpillar ECMs (Electronic Control Modules) carry on the tradition of system reliability. However, even an industry leader needs m...

Posted On: 13/07/2018

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